"We are passionate about the power of high-per-formance foot & Body care, which we believe can change lives and transform individuals from a state of pain and restriction to a life of freedom and confidence."

Neat Feat Products provides High Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. Developed by practising family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognised brand in Australasia during the last decade.

Created in the sporting paradise of New Zealand – the home of All Black rugby, the Americas Cup and the most exciting action and adventure sports venues on Earth – Neat Feat Products are now exported to a total of 17 offshore markets.

Starting with Neat Feat, the world’s first roll-on antiperspirant deodorant for feet, the simple, convenient and effective solution for foot odour, the company has developed an innovative range of toiletry products, all of which are effective and exciting solutions to the most persistent of problems.

Company Profile

Neat Feat Products Ltd is a New Zealand based company founded in 1993 and specialising in a unique range of Lifestyle and Leisure Sports Toiletries. It is the only company in the world who is developing a range of Sports Toiletries which have such wide appeal and specific application with regard to modern lifestyles. The product range is primarily foot care based with 5 key ranges making up the foot care offering. These are:

Personal Care
Footcare Gels
Womens heel/shoe
Zori Sandals

Neat Feat also has a range of bodycare products that mainly deal with sweat and perspiration issues. The products themselves are high performance toiletries and not medicines. Our products are currently being used by New Zealand sporting teams, the New Zealand Armed Forces and individual sporting athletes. The key to our success is innovation and we are committed to extending our range of unique and innovative products. We have been able to achieve this by adding several new products to the range each year.

“We started the business in 1992 in a small office over a doctors surgery with one product the world’s first roll-on antiperspirant. From there the range has grown to over 140 products curing and preventing foot problems, and a range of unique products for sweat conditions. When we started personal hygiene stopped at the knees, now people realise the importance of looking after one's feet! We are humbled by the number of users of our products from 17 countries around the world, thankful to supply some of the world’s greatest retailers, and fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals working and making the brand a success globally. If you haven’t tried our range I urge you to, you won’t be disappointed.

Anthony Laity - Managing Director

“I am a proud New Zealander and one of the Joint Managing Directors of the company. I have been with Neat Feat since the mid 90’s. Neat Feat is a New Zealand based company who export to a large amount of countries around the world. We have an exciting range of products that cover many issues that people have in their everyday lives. The Company mantra is to provide “Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems” . Neat Feat is a great New Zealand company which I am proud to be a part of we have a valued team who work hard. I hope you enjoy browsing our website and I hope that we can help solve any issue that you have. Feel free to reach out to us at any time on our contact us section.

Daniel Moore - Managing Director