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Foot Pain

There can be many causes of foot pain and many areas it can affect the foot. For example these could be skin related issues or issues to do with the internal structures of the feet. 
Skin Issues that effect the feet can be things like blisters, corns, calluses, Dry Cracked Skin etc. These issues can be caused through climate, the type of shoes being worn, the amount of activity people are doing and many other reasons. Neat Feat has many products that help with these issues. These include:
  • Toe Rings – Help cushion and protect the toes which are suffering from Blisters, Calluses, Cuts, Corns etc.
  • Toe Caps – Similar to the Toe Rings but also help with the front of the toe and protect the toe nail which may have issue.
  • Foot and Heel Balm – This helps people with dry, cracked or dead skin which can be very painful for those with this condition.
  • Toe Spreaders and Toe Separators – These products help people who are suffering from Blisters, Corns, Cuts and Calluses.
  • Gel ¾ Insole, Gel Heel Cushions, Full Length Cushioning Insole, Diabetic Insole and Heel Cups - Can also help people who suffer for blisters, corns etc.
A number women suffer from complaints such as blisters and corns because of the shoes they wear. Products within the Femme range are useful in treating these problems. Products include the Femme Blister Pads, Corn Pads, Slingback Strips and Heel Shields. 
Foot pain from the internal side to the feet can be very wide in variety. Issues include Spurs, Bunions, Collapsed Arches, Metatarsal pain and Heel Strike. Neat Feat has a number of products that can help with these areas:
  • For cushioning against tired, worn out and generally sore feet there is the Full length Insoles, Heel Cups, Diabetic Insole, Gel ¾ Cushion Insole and Gel Heel Cushions. Also, for ladies who wear fashion shoes there is the Femme Heel Cushion and Forefoot Insole.
  • Then there are more specific issues of pain such as Bunions. The Bunion Protector and Nighttime Bunion controller help with Bunion pain. The Femme range includes a Bunion pad.
  • For people with collapsed arches there is either The Arch Cushions or the Maximum Foot Supports.
  • For Spurs we have the Spur Pad or Gel Heel Cushion.
  • The Metatarsal Pad helps to relieve pain originating from the front of the foot.

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