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Sports Products

The level of activity and physical exertion differs greatly depending on which sports people are playing. Sports activity can result in a number of different problems. For example any sports that involve rapid movement (e.g. running) will cause sweating. Excessive sweating can then result in sweat rash and chafing. This occurs when surfaces of the skin become moist and rub against each other or clothing. 
This problem can be solved by using Neat 3B Action Cream. Also a number of people participating in sports have issues with foot, leg, hip or back pain. Pain is caused through pressure, injury, repetitive motions and actions such as the feet striking the ground. The impact of the feet on the ground grows dramatically from walking to running. There can also be issues around spraining of the ankles and feet. So the use of suitable Neat Feat Orthotic and Insole products help to prevent pain and will also aid in relieving pain. 
Neat Feat have developed a Sports Insole which is designed to help cushion the foot and provide structural support in key impact areas such as the Heel, Arch and Metatarsal area.
The Full Length Insole and Heel Cup also help to reduce the impact on the feet. Products like the Walk Straight, Arch Cushion and Maximum Foot Support help to keep the foot in alignment thereby preventing pain and injury. 
The Heel Lift product is also useful for those who have suffered from an Achilles injury. 
Another issue for sports people is excessive sweating of the feet resulting in unpleasant odors in the shoes and on the feet. This can be solved with one of the many options Neat Feat has to help prevent and cure foot odor. These products include - Shoe Spray, Shoe Powder, Cool Foot Spray and Neat Feat Roll On Deodorant.

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