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Zori Pump

Zori Pump
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User Reviews

There are: 3 reviews, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5
I've had them on for about 3 hours...I may sleep with them on tonight. I'm not sure if this will replace my flip-flop, however, I plan on wearing these until snow starts to fall.
Posted by Green on 2013-09-15 22:35:58
That's what my husband says about his jandals that he doesn't want to take them off even in bed lol
Posted by Lisa on 2014-03-28 18:54:39
I would like to say this is my second pair of zori sandals I've purchased here in NZ. The first pair I purchased at a retail store but the second pair I purchased through this NeatFeat website. On a scale to 1-10, I rate these sandals an 11. They are so comfortable and I feel that I am walking a bit taller and straighter. I love these sandals. I would also like to say that when I ordered these sandals from the NeatFeat website I received them in less than two from ordering. They have quick , reliable service and I would highly recommend this sandal and website to fit your foot needs.
Posted by CJT on 2014-08-20 16:10:05
** All Zori Pump Sandals ship from Australia - delivery can be 2-3 weeks internationally **

  • Stabilizing Insole
  • High Quality Construction
  • Combining Comfort Functionality and Style
  • Helps Reduce Foot / Leg / Back and Hip Fatigue
  • Proven Orthopedic Benefits — Arch, Heel & Metatarsal Support
  • Lightweight, Water Resistant Materials
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Ultra-Comfort Sole
  • Black sizes from 4, 5, 10-12
  • Black/Tan sizes from 4-6, 12
  • Black/White with a Velcro strap sizes from 6-10, 12

** All Zori Pump Sandals ship from Australia - delivery can be 2-3 weeks internationally**
Sizing Guide
Please measure your foot from the tip of the big toe and see the chart below. Neat Zori Pump are Unisex, there is no specific male or female sizing. 
Foot Size (Inches) Foot Size (cm) Zori Pump Size
8 4/8" 21.5 4
8 7/8" 22.3 5
9 1/8" 23.2 6
9 4/8" 24 7
9 7/8" 24.8 8
10 1/8" 25.7 9
10 4/8" 26.6 10
10 7/8" 27.5 11
11 1/8" 28.3 12
Zori is derived from a type of traditional Japanese footwear. Our modern sport version “Neat Zori™ Pump” are the most comfortable, convenient, and versatile footwear on the planet.
Neat Zori™ Pump Sport Orthopedic Flip-Flops can get wet with no problems and dry rapidly. They let your feet breathe naturally. Conventional shoes bind you, crushing the toes together, potentially warping the shape of your feet and trapping moisture in place leading to unhealthy foot conditions.
Neat Zori™ Pump Orthopedic Flip-Flops are healthy, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive. They are a sports-orientated, ergonomically soled slip-on with a strong but ultra-comfortable upper, keeping the foot securely in place. Neat Zori™ Pump's are made of high-quality rubber, with padded breathable Aquafort™  tops providing proven orthotic benefits.
You'll never want to take them off!


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