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Neat Feat Products

Neat Feat provides a wide range of quality products to maintain foot, skin and back health

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Face Saver

Light Gel Prevents excess facial perspiration, reduces excess facial wetness and shine
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>  Can be applied before usual facial makeup
>  Light gel leaves no facial residue, no deposit, 
    no stickiness
>  Easy and smooth to apply
>  Makeup and sunscreens stay on longer
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3B Action Cream

Prevents sweat rash and chafing between legs,  buttocks and breasts
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>  Ideal for athletes, hikers or sports people
>  Developed by New Zealand Doctors
>  Safe for the whole family
>  Works by removing all moisture in the affected
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Neat Zori

Arch, Heel & Metatarsal Support, Ergonomic Orthotic Thong For Superior Foot Support
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>  Stabilising In-Sole
>  Combining Comfort Functionality and Style
>  Helps Reduce Foot / Leg / Back and Hip Fatigue
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Common Ailments

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People with diabetes are more prone to skin conditions and infections. Find out about Diabetic Foot Care and Diabetes related foot problems. Neat Feat has a range of products to help.
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Foot Odor

With over two million sweat glands on the feet, the average person sweats up to ¼ cup a day in their shoe. Neat Feat has effective products to control foot odor and sweat.
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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels (also known as fissures) are a dry, flaky skin formation on the outer edge of the heel. Neat Feat recommends this simple regular process to maintain your feet in good shape and avoid cracked heels.
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Perspiration & Chafing

Eighteen years ago two doctors - Steve and Sadie Taylor - were dealing with a large number of complaints about sweat rash and chafing. Neat Feat Products were developed to relieve this problem.

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