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Neat 3B Body Saver to Stop Body Rashes and Chafing

Neat 3B Body Saver to Stop Body Rashes and Chafing

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Trust New Zealand’s leading doctors to develop a potent cream that fights chafing and sweat-rash - head-on. Remove moisture between the thighs, buttocks, and breast area, soothing the skin and stopping embarrassing itches in their tracks.
  • Prevents sweat-rash and chafing caused by perspiration
  • Ideal for use between the thighs, breast area, and buttocks
  • Effective in treating bed sores
  • Soothes the skin and keeps itching at bay
  • Absorbs moisture between the skin folds
  Developed by leading doctors for athletes, hikers, sportspeople, or those who are prone to getting hot, the Neat 3B Body Saver Cream is infused with an effective antiperspirant. This soothing emollient balm is perfect for use where the skin’s surfaces rub together and become inflamed - which is a common problem in people who carry a little extra weight. In fact, use this cream AM and PM, and you may even prevent bigger problems in future - like fungal infections. Stay fresh and comfortable all day every day (and night) so you can get back to the physical activities you enjoy with confidence. Buy online or find it at your local pharmacy (in the deodorant section). Unconvinced? Click here to see what our happy customers have to say about the Neat Feat 3B Body Saver emollient today. We ship worldwide!      


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

3B Body Saver is perfect for all over body antiperspirant & chaffing preventation. It helps prevent and temporarily protects chaffed skin and is safe to use on children! I used 3B Bodysaver Cream on a recent trip to Thailand it it is the best! I applied it once in the morning after a shower and it worked as promised. Easy to apply to the locations that need it (you know where I mean) and it has a pleasant fragrance! It is the best product for anyone traveling in warm or humid places! Make sure you place this - you are going to love it! I've tried everything, this is the best product by far - the perfect product to prevent chafing!

Wow, thanks for sharing your experience with B Body Saver. It sounds like it was a real lifesaver on your trip to Thailand. I'm glad to hear that it lived up to its promises and provided effective protection against chafing and perspiration. The fact that it's safe for children is definitely a plus, especially for families on the go. And who doesn't appreciate a pleasant fragrance, right? Your enthusiasm for the product really shines through, and I'm sure others will find your recommendation helpful when considering their own travel essentials. Thanks for the tip.

Works well

This product of NEAT 3B BODYSAVER CREAM works just like it says it does. I live in a tropical environment, so it gets very humid. I use this once a day and I don’t get sweaty in the areas I use it. It also stops chafe. It only comes in 75g so it would be good if it came in a larger bottle. Although a little does go a long way. I will repurchase this item as there are not many products like this on the market. I have sensitive skin and this did not make my skin react. All up a decent product, but would like a larger quantity

It's great to hear that the NEAT 3B BodySaver Cream has been effective for you in combating sweat and preventing chafing, especially in a humid tropical environment. Your feedback about its effectiveness and suitability for sensitive skin is really valuable. I understand your point about wishing it came in a larger size, but it's good to know that a little goes a long way with this product. Thanks for sharing your experience, and it's wonderful to hear that you plan to repurchase it.


Excellent product

Linda English

Love this! it works well in the summer for all those special area's on your body. I tend to sweat
on the back of my neck a lot ruins the collars on clothing. This stops it most of the time.

Amazon Customer

AMAZINNGGGGG not only does it help to prevent chaffing but if i do get chaffed really badly. I put this on at night and by the morning it is either completely healed or almost healed.