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Neat 3B Extra Strength Sweat Rash & Chafing Stick

Neat 3B Extra Strength Sweat Rash & Chafing Stick

Say goodbye to sweat rashes and chafing with this extra strength action cream. This formula combines an antiperspirant with a powerful lubricant to soothe and prevent chafing in problem areas.
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Sweat rashes and chafing aren’t anything to be ashamed of. They happen to almost everyone at some point in our lives. But accepting that these issues are only natural doesn’t take away from the stinging discomfort that comes with it. For some of us, standard sweat rash & chafing creams aren’t strong enough to soothe or solve our sweat-related issues. That’s why Neat 3B has come up with an extra strength action cream to power-up anti-perspiration and sweat rash prevention. 

  1. Perfect for active individuals
  2. Prevents painful chafing and keeps sweat rash at bay 
  3. May also help prevent fungal infections 

Simply apply a small amount of the Neat 3B Extra Strength Sweat Rash & Chafing Cream to skin folds between the legs, breasts, buttocks, or other problem areas. Its fast-acting formula provides instant relief to itching areas. The lubricating lotions works well to prevent your skin’s surfaces from rubbing together and becoming inflamed. With this extra strength sweat rash & chafing cream in your back pocket, you can bid friction farewell and finally enjoy a soothing sensation. 

This doctor-developed cream contains the active ingredient Aluminium Chlorohydrate, which acts as an incredible antiperspirant. This means that outside of taking the itch away, you and your skin can enjoy a less sweaty situation any time of day. 

Add to your cart today and enjoy your days in the sun, sessions at gym, or runs on the road without the worry of having to deal with sweating or chaffing when you’re done. Neat 3B’s Extra Strength Sweat Rash & Chafing Cream is safe for the whole family to enjoy, giving you and your loved ones the itch-free skin you deserve. 

Available exclusively from Neat Feat and in selected pharmacies near you, with worldwide shipping available. 

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