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Neat Zori Female Pink Orthotic Water Resistant, Healthy, and Comfortable

Neat Zori Female Pink Orthotic Water Resistant, Healthy, and Comfortable

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Zori Slimline Size
Please note, this Zori style is more suited for narrower (or women’s) feet. ** All Zori Sandals ship from Australia or New Zealand – delivery can be 2-3 weeks internationally**
  • Stabilizing Insole
  • High Quality Construction
  • Combining Comfort Functionality and Style
  • Helps Reduce Foot / Leg / Back and Hip Fatigue
  • Proven Orthopedic Benefits — Arch, Heel & Metatarsal Support
  • Lightweight, Water Resistant Materials
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Ultra-Comfort Sole
  • Black sizes from 4, 5, 10-12
  • Black/Tan sizes from 4-6, 12
  • Black/White with a Velcro strap sizes from 6-10, 12
Sizing Guide
Please measure your foot from the tip of the big toe and see the chart below. Neat Zori are Unisex, there is no specific male or female sizing.
Foot Size (Inches) Foot Size (cm) Zori Sandal Size
8 4/8″ 21.5 4
8 7/8″ 22.3 5
9 1/8″ 23.2 6
9 4/8″ 24 7
9 7/8″ 24.8 8
10 1/8″ 25.7 9
10 4/8″ 26.6 10
10 7/8″ 27.5 11
11 1/8″ 28.3 12
Zori is derived from a type of traditional Japanese footwear. Our modern sport version “Neat Zori™ Sandal” are the most comfortable, convenient, and versatile footwear on the planet.
Neat Zori™ Sandal Sport Orthopedic Flip-Flops can get wet with no problems and dry rapidly. They let your feet breathe naturally. Conventional shoes bind you, crushing the toes together, potentially warping the shape of your feet and trapping moisture in place leading to unhealthy foot conditions.
Neat Zori™ Sandal Orthopedic Flip-Flops are healthy, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive. They are a sports-orientated, ergonomically soled slip-on with a strong but ultra-comfortable upper, keeping the foot securely in place. Neat Zori™ Sandals are made of high-quality rubber, with padded breathable Aquafort™  tops providing proven orthotic benefits.
You’ll never want to take them off!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Ordered one pair and they fell to bits the sold fell off second wear
Service was excellent and I got a replacement pair…. Again the Soles fell off!
My fault couldn’t be bothered to complain again so it was left

Hi Andrea,

We’re really sorry to hear about your experience with our product. This definitely shouldn’t have happened. We appreciate your kind words about our service and we’d love the chance to make things right.
Please reach out to us directly so we can resolve this for you.

Thank you for your feedback, it helps us improve.

Maree Brown
Zori orthotic water resistant

I think they look nice but they are very rigid and not padded in any way. I’m trying very hard to wear them in but so far just too hard on my feet. I had such hope with these but unfortunately not right.

Hi Maree,

Thank you for the stars and your support! Please email us at to arrange a return and or refund.

Chrissie Hardwick
Neat Zori Jandles

I found the Zori footwear to be great for my in-step. Although the heel of my foot and the ball of my foot get sore because there isn't much cushioning in those areas.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for the stars! We love hearing customer feedback on our Zori's as we are always working to upgrade our customers experience wearing them. I will be going to the Director's with your feedback for product development.

Thanks again and Happy New Year !