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Neat Zori Massage Orthotic Slides Ultimate Orthotic Comfort

Neat Zori Massage Orthotic Slides Ultimate Orthotic Comfort

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Neat Zori Massage Orthotic Slides Ultimate Orthotic Comfort Zori’s new Massage Orthotic Slides are designed to massage your feet with every step. Delivering fashion, function, and high-quality construction, Zori Slides slip on and off easily and comfortably. While you go about your life, Zori delivers full-time orthotic benefits that alleviate pain, support the arch, heel, and metatarsal, and provide lasting relief from foot, leg, back, and hip fatigue. Zori Slides offer 20 degrees of arch support and 15 degrees of heel support, with a built-in ultra-comfort sole, ensuring lasting relief from the likes of Plantar Fasciitis. They let your feet breathe naturally while wicking away moisture and staying securely in place all day. Zori’s unisex, ergonomically designed Orthotic Slides are created by orthotic specialists to stimulate and energize the feet and body from the outside in. A fully adjustable and versatile design gives you the freedom to move with more comfort and less pain, without pinching or rubbing your skin while you walk.

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Jean Dahl

Neat Zori Massage Orthotic Slides Ultimate Orthotic Comfort

Thank you Jean for 5 stars for the Zori Massage Slides !!

Janice Bartolo

Hi I can not leave feed back as they haven’t arrived yet it’s been a while Janice Bartolo

Hi Janice,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know. We're sorry to hear that your order hasn't arrived yet. Please contact our customer service team so we can track your package and ensure it gets to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and look forward to your feedback once you receive the product.

Best regards,
The Neat Feat Team


Not what I expected